“Behind Mark’s calm and patient demeanour is an out-of-the-box problem solver that loves a challenge. Mark has a passion for sourcing or creating solutions to problems, while always keeping the bigger picture of cost control and end result in the forefront of his suggestions.

Beyond Mark’s ability and strengths in running a project from start to finish, he has exceptional listening and communication skills which enable him to work collaboratively with others. He listens to needs and concerns of other people. His technical language is strong, and he also recognizes when he needs to adapt his language to someone who doesn’t have the same abilities.

I am happy to recommend Mark and Sagacity Business Services to anyone looking to streamline or upgrade their business needs.”
– Tracey McClelland, McClelland Contracting

“Mark has been an integral part of our growth over the past 14 years. In addition to his accounting responsibilities, Mark’s outside the box thinking even contributed to product development. One of Mark’s lasting contributions is the creation of a database solution that I use for estimating and quoting to clients. This in-house solution has saved the company both time and money when compared to other less desirable options that were available to us.” 
– Cory Martindale, Corbilt Group of Companies

“Mark has provided bookkeeping and accounting services to a number of clients of the firm over the past several years. He has demonstrated excellent bookkeeping and accounting skills and his knowledge of technology has proven to be a very valuable asset to my firm. Mark’s reliability, dependability and honesty remain above reproach.”
– Paul Westwell, CA – Westwell & Company

“Mark has implemented a computerized liquor inventory system for our restaurant, using a cell phone to capture bottle counts rather than traditional pen and paper – saving time and increasing accuracy. Thanks to Mark’s research and testing, we have also implemented a computerized restaurant reservation system, eliminating the manual reservation book. This system eliminates overbooking, allows guests to book online, and greatly reduces the workload for our reception desk. Mark has played a lead role in digitizing our accounting process during Covid to facilitate remote processing of invoices and daily accounting tasks. Mark’s technical abilities and broader look beyond just the accounting, has been a definite asset to both Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina and its employees.” – Walter Kohli, CEO – Sofien Management